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NATO says it has received note from Moscow saying Russia halting military cooperation - Minneapolis Star Tribune

August 21st, 2008, 19:16

By @ August 21st, 2008, 19:16 in General

Pirates seize 3 ships off Somalia in 1 day Displaced Georgians look to US for hope, aid Paraguay's new president replaces military command Bomb kills 3 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan Officials say a roadside bomb has killed 3 Canadian soldiers in southern Afghanistan BRUSSELS, Belgium - Russia has

Paulson's Fannie-Freddie `Bazooka' Shakes Investors (Update3) - Bloomberg
Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson 's ``bazooka'' may be intimidating the same investors he intended to reassure. The powers Paulson won from Congress last month enabling a government rescue of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae -- authority he likened to a weapon whose mere

U.S. wins gold in women's soccer, 1-0, over Brazil - Los Angeles Times
BEIJING -- A storied era for women's soccer in the U.S. ended when Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and other pioneers retired as Olympic champions after the Athens Games, but another promising era may have dawned Thursday on a soggy field at Workers' Stadium. The U.S. women won their third gold medal awarded

FDA: Irradiating spinach, lettuce OK to kill germs - Miami Herald
WASHINGTON The government will allow food producers to start zapping fresh spinach and iceberg lettuce with just enough radiation to kill E. coli and other dangerous germs, a key safety move amid increasing outbreaks from raw produce. Irradiated meat has been around for years, particularly ground

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