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Drums herald China's Great Triple Eight - International Herald Tribune

August 8th, 2008, 21:18

By @ August 8th, 2008, 21:18 in General

BEIJING : A legion of 2,008 drummers pounded out a hypnotic beat that rumbled like thunder, their red drumsticks glowing in a darkened Bird's Nest stadium. It was the perfect countdown to a spectacular Olympic opening ceremony on Friday that more info

Liverpudlian John Bishop's dad has started eating croissants. He's not a fan of the "empty pasties", but it's Capital of Culture year so he's giving them a go. You could ask for no better glimpse into the psyche of the city of Liverpool this year more info

Congratulations China on an amazing opening ceremony! China's development is nothing short of breath taking. The Olympic facilities they've created are just amazing. More than that when you listen to the average citizen interviewed you get such a more info

Giant fireworks exploded over the city, while in the bird's nest stadium 14,000 performers mixed ancient Chinese history with all the panache modern technology could bring. more info

The most certain victory of the Olympic Games was duly ratified on Friday when China won the gold medal in the opening ceremony competition – presumably for all time. No country ever has – or surely will – match the Chinese in the effort, human more info

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