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Finding your inner Frenchwoman - Daily Telegraph

July 28th, 2008, 21:20

By @ July 28th, 2008, 21:20 in General

; As my taxi pulled up outside the convent I started to panic. This wasn’t what I’d had in mind at all. Consigned to more info

MODEL eats - that was the revelation made by diners at a Sydney restaurant when Miranda Kerr jetted home at the weekend. Noshing at Woolloomooloo hotspot Otto , Kerr ate her way through a bout of jet lag, ploughing through two courses of pasta and a more info

Summer got a little hotter today: We're revealing the first men and women who have been named 2008 Sexy Singles by the Daily News! Each day, until Thursday, we'll reveal a few more of this year's select group. You can watch their videos and read more info

Hayden Panettiere performed a surprise striptease on her boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia's birthday. The 'Heroes' actress - who plays self-healing cheerleader Claire Bennett in the hit TV show - donned a special raunchy cheerleader outfit and treated her more info

We may all want a J.Lo-esque curvy derriere, Eva Longoria-like lustrous locks or Angelina Jolie-inspired big beautiful eyes, but today's women want those changes without the pain. A new study by leading shopping search site Shopzilla ( www.shopzilla more info

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