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As harmless diversions go, this musical hits the Marx - Boston Globe

July 12th, 2008, 9:23

By @ July 12th, 2008, 9:23 in General

DENNIS - An escapist ode to escapism may not qualify as deathless art. In certain moods, however, sheer silliness is more valuable than Art. Depression, for example - or, more specifically, the Great Depression, when flossy musicals and wacky more info

The docks of Stamford and Greenwich have attained star status among the upper crust of the retail world. Plans are under way for the arrival next month of Expoships' "The SeaFair Experience Preview Tour," billed as the world's first mega-yacht venue more info

(07-11) 21:22 PDT -- The sport of tennis didn't die. It just ran out of sex, drugs and rebellion. There now, that got your attention. Sort of like tennis did in the '70s. It's just that the '70s aren't coming back, nor is there any hope for tennis re more info

In winter, it's a great pair of boots and a chic scarf-and-glove set. But during the summer, when we're wearing as little as possible to combat the heat, just what are the go-to accessories? Not surprisingly, they add little in the way of weather more info

Dresses with all the panache of a Hollywood glamour girl. And is as forward thinking of a person as you're ever likely to meet. Hard to believe that Geraldine ''Gerry'' Robinson will celebrate her 100th birthday Tuesday. I visited with the retired more info

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