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Contemporary panache: Modern South African cuisine - Economic Times

June 19th, 2008, 16:28

By @ June 19th, 2008, 16:28 in General

South Africa is not a country that is too widely known about in India. It is the country that was once shunned by the world for its apartheid policy — and for its incarceration of the charismatic leader Nelson Mandela. But apartheid is now just one more info

And he’s off on another romp chasing a mysterious legendary relic. The last time we saw Indy it was the late 1930’s, just as Germany was throwing the world into chaos. Now it’s the 1950’s and the cold war is in full swing. The villains have more info

TOMORROW is the night of nights and today the final preparations are underway for the Ipswich and Suffolk Press Ball. As the Champagne is being chilled, JAMES MARSTON chats to a pop legend and reports on the events surprise guests of honour. A NIGHT more info

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