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Go green with eco knickers

June 18th, 2008, 18:28

By @ June 18th, 2008, 18:28 in General

Are you a nature-friendly soul who wishes to flaunt eco-friendly, yet sexy knickers? Do you love collecting beautiful knickers that is completely devoid of products that harm nature? If yes, then go to the nearest lingerie store and ask for sensuous eco-friendly knickers. The exciting eco lingerie collections that throng several stores assure to make you look good and feel great. Most have a misconception that eco friendly knickersis itchy, irritable and can cause rashes. Much contrasted to these notions, eco lingerie is soft and beautiful. It comprises of natural products like organic, untreated cotton, bamboo, hemp, soy etc.

You can feel wilder and sexier if you are absolutely close to nature and committed to the cause of environment protection. Eco knickers does not restrict you in any manner possible. Neither is it plain, nor it looks jaded. One can avail these knickers in a number of colors, patterns, cuts and shades. Some internationally renowned fashion houses are coming up with enticing designer eco lingerie pieces and supporting the ‘go green’ cause. It is certainly a great idea to wear an organic cotton bra and a hemp panty to feel all the basic instincts.

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