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Bridal Lingerie Set

May 23rd, 2008, 21:32

By @ May 23rd, 2008, 21:32 in General

Having the proper lingerie for your wedding is very important as it comes only once in a life time and you want to make it as special as possible. A bridal lingerie set includes a two piece set and these... more Lingerie info

Support is one of the most important factors that women look for in maternity lingerie; but, what if you could have comfortable lingerie that can be worn in two ways? Well, here is a bravado brief that is basically supporting maternity lingerie as 2 in 1. The lingerie can be worn in two ways, and is available at, which is yet another popular online boutique for maternity lingerie.

The brief is especially comfortable on belly as it has no seam. There is a soft band that can be folded on the brief. Thus, you could wear the supporting maternity lingerie on your mid – belly or just fold the band and let it support the under of your belly. Besides, the band will not hurt when it folded, because the material used is quite smooth.

The supporting maternity lingerie is available on the site in several colors, including blush, white, black and skin. The brief is made from a mixture of knit spandex jersey and cotton. Thus, the brief has a smooth feel to it.

You could buy the supporting maternity lingerie from this the belly dance maternity online outlet. The bravado brief would cost you around $30 approximately. more Lingerie info

Brides today are concentrating more on wedding lingerie than they ever did before. In fact, wedding lingerie corsets are no more something that brides prefer wearing under a b eautiful dress. Wedding Lingerie corsets make for some of elegant outfits... more Lingerie info

The wedding gown lingerie that you wear on your wedding day should not only be elegant and sensuous in its design but also in its feel. Besides, you need to be comfortable in your wedding gown lingerie. Here is a... more Lingerie info

Here are hot black lacy knickers that have been designed by Pleasure State. The knickers are a part of the White Label Collection of theblack lacy knickers Tango range that has been designed by the popular Australian designer.

The lacy knickers are made from woven stretch satin and have a beautiful feel. The knickers have been designed in the shorts style and offer a soft comfortable feel. The satin on the knickers is broken by lace that has been attached to the knickers in rows. The knickers have a frilly lace finish. The lace used on the knickers a delicate leavers eyelash one.

The lace trims on both the waist band and the bottom of the shorts, not only makes the knickers look sensuous but also offers a rather naughty feel to the lingerie.

You could further match the lacy knickers with a beautifully designed lacy bra. The lacy knickers are perfect for those special nights. Besides, you could also wear these comfortable lacy knickers, just because you want to wear them. You can buy the lacy knickers for as much as £ 12.

The lacy knickers are available from the Boudiche online store. Also check out the other lingerie that they feature.

more Lingerie info

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