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Pleated Sexy Bridal Lingerie Slip

May 21st, 2008, 7:33

By @ May 21st, 2008, 7:33 in General

As a bride, you not only want to look sexy but also feel equally like Freya, the godess of love & fertility. Besides, you need sexy bridal lingerie that will accentuate your curves and thus make you look sensuous. Here...

Satin bridal lingerie
Your wedding night is certainly very special and you definitely want to cherish the memories. That is why bridal lingerie is very important and selecting it takes a lot of time. Satin bridal lingerie is extremely sexy and a lot...

2 in 1 Supporting Maternity Lingerie

Support is one of the most important factors that women look for in maternity lingerie; but, what if you could have comfortable lingerie that can be worn in two ways? Well, here is a bravado brief that is basically supporting maternity lingerie as 2 in 1. The lingerie can be worn in two ways, and is available at, which is yet another popular online boutique for maternity lingerie.

The brief is especially comfortable on belly as it has no seam. There is a soft band that can be folded on the brief. Thus, you could wear the supporting maternity lingerie on your mid – belly or just fold the band and let it support the under of your belly. Besides, the band will not hurt when it folded, because the material used is quite smooth.

The supporting maternity lingerie is available on the site in several colors, including blush, white, black and skin. The brief is made from a mixture of knit spandex jersey and cotton. Thus, the brief has a smooth feel to it.

You could buy the supporting maternity lingerie from this the belly dance maternity online outlet. The bravado brief would cost you around $30 approximately.

Silk Wedding Dress Lingerie
The wedding dress lingerie that you choose to wear should not only be comfortable but also very sexy. The wedding dress lingerie should fit you well, so that your wedding dress also fits you perfectly. Silk wedding dress lingerie is...

Ke'Koqueta Fine Maternity Lingerie

The Stella Maternity online boutique is a great place to shop for lingerie if you are looking for fine maternity lingerie. Here is a fine maternity lingerie chemise from that is featured on The chemise has been designed by Ke'Koqueta.

The Chemise has a sheer net skirt. The top of the chemise features a lace bra that has a v – straps made of chiffon silk. The lace bra is stretchable and thus will fit you very comfortably. The chemise is not only ideal fine maternity bra, but is also quite sensuous.

Along with the elegant chemise comes a lace thong that is matching and adjustable. Since the skirt is absolutely complete, you can show off your gorgeous shape. Besides, the sheer chemise is also perfect for a romantic evening with your beloved. The lace detailing on the chemise top, makes you look elegant. The soft lace top also supports and highlights your assets in the most comfortable manner.

The Chemise is available in ivory white. Other than this, the material used in the chemise, other than the lace trim is 100% pure silk. Thus, the chemise offers a soft comfortable feel. You could buy the fine maternity lingerie chemise from the Stella maternity boutique for a sum of $ 150 approximately.

Elegant Bridal Lingerie
Your wedding day is certainly a big deal and it is important that you look and feel great. Proper Bridal lingerie is an essential part of your bridal attire. This body suit from Lilly Italia it the perfect bridal lingerie....

Ultra Femme Full Figure Wedding Lingerie
Here is full figure wedding lingerie that has been designed for all you curvaceous ladies who plan to get married soon. The full figure wedding lingerie is a basque that has been embroidered with the daisy corded pattern. The elegantly...

Sheer Lace Wedding Lingerie Stocking
Stockings are an integral part of the wedding lingerie. The wedding lingerie stockings that you decide to wear for that special night should not only be elegant but also sexy. Here is a pair of wedding lingerie stockings that you...

Naughty Sheer Lingerie for Wedding Night
On the wedding night, you could actually arouse your partner by wearing sensuous lingerie. Here is a perfect example of “naughty yet nice” lingerie for your special wedding night. It is a Victoria’s secret product and will definitely make you...

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