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Silk Male Thongs

May 9th, 2008, 19:35

By @ May 9th, 2008, 19:35 in General

type garments. Here are sexy pair of grey silk male thongs that have been knitted. The thongs are made of lightweight fabric that has been designed to stretch and thus offer a comfortable fit. The thongs are also perfect for low rise jeans as the thongs themselves are low rise ones.

The waistband of the knitted thongs has been made from ¾ inch elastic that is completely covered. The male thongs do not feature any contour pouch. The leg binding on the male thongs have been made frommens thong ¼ inch elastic. The straps of the male thongs are 7/8 inches wide. The silk thongs do not have any coverage for the bottom.

The low rise and the high cut of the silk male thongs provide for a lean look that will add a super sexy touch to your physique. Besides being lightweight, the silk fabric that the male thongs are made from is quite durable.

The thongs have been designed to give you the perfect fit further highlight your bulge thus making you look attractive. The male thongs are available in a variety of colors including grey, red, blue, black and several others. You can buy the male thongs from this for approximately $ 20.

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The transition from maternity lingerie can be a diffcult one. This is the time when women need lingerie that will not only be comfortable but will also functional. Here is a camisole that is ideal for to be moms, as well as for those who have just given birth.The camisole has been so designed that it stretches over the belly of the pregnant woman. The camisole also has a support that acts like a bralet. The any time camisole and bralet is ideal motherhood maternity bra.For nursing you ca will just need to pull the cup over the side of your breast, without having to going through the whole deal of lifting your shirt.

The cups of the camisole have been designed in the wrap around style and support the breast even when you are nursing. The camisole does not have any under wires, but is still quite efficient when it comes to supporting the breasts. The fabric that has been used in the camisole is Italian Nylon / Lycra.

You could buy this maternity motherhood lingerie from the Bella Materna site. The camisole has been priced at $ 72 and is available in a variety of colors

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Lace thongs can make you look hot and yet quite elegant. In fact, thongs themselves can make you look really hot and sexy, and help you rekindle the romance in your relationship.lacy thong

Here is a lace thong that features a seductive combination of black lace and ivory silk. It is called the Hypnotique thong. The lingerie is made from 100% pure silk, and has been accentuated with black lace on the sides. Thus, black lace has a ruffled look to it and thus accentuates your hips in an incredible manner.

The silk piece in the center of the lace thong adds a versatile touch to the sensuous piece of lingerie. Besides, the pleated effect on the silk part of the lace thong provides for a vivacious look. The silk also features a satin black bow in the center that looks quite cute and naughty.

The lace thong is perfect to make a “not so special evening”, special. If you are looking for something sexy, this lace thong might just be it. Besides, these are very comfortable and not too expensive either. You could also couple the lace thongs with an ultra sexy black lace bra. The Hypnotique lace thongs are available for £35 here.

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Halter neck bridal gowns are quite popular today. Here is a range of UK wedding lingerie that you could choose from, to achieve the perfect look in your halter neck wedding gown. The star cup brassier – A star cup... more Lingerie info

Here is something that is not only chic, but angelically gorgeous. You are bound to woo your man when you wear sensuous wedding night lingerie. This is a chemise from Simone Perele. The chemise is called the Paradis Ivory Chemise... more Lingerie info

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