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maternity lingerie slips

May 3rd, 2008, 7:36

By @ May 3rd, 2008, 7:36 in General

ll of them have adjustable straps and hits just above the knee. However, they come in a variety of sizes; short slips, half slips etc. They are perfectly suited to be worn under a dress, shirt or a skirt. You can even sleep in them if you feel like, as they are soft and light to wear. These slips are specially designed for pregnant women.

Check out this full slip from the latest collection of Vanity Fair. It has a total length of 24” and is made from an anti static, no cling fabric making it extremely comfortable to wear. It is equipped with adjustable straps so that you can fit it according to your liking. The slip is available to you in sizes ranging from S to XL and is definitely a must have during pregnancy. Take home this maternity slip for just $ 99 today.

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spanx knickers

Spanx is one of those highly innovative brands that offer some of the best quality lingerie that is available on the internet.

This time around, it’s a pair of high power knickers that seems to be attracting all the attention. The knickers or power panties as the brand calls it, extends from just under the bra strap and runs down all the way to the thigh. This provides for a smoothly flattened tummy and waist. Besides, with these pair of knickers, you do not have to worry about those panty lines that keep showing themselves.

The high power thigh knickers shape almost the whole of your figure, right from your midriff to your lower thighs. Besides, the best part is that there are no bands at the end that would otherwise create a bulge on your thigh. The fabric of these knickers also ensures that your dress does not stick to your body. However, if you are thinking of wearing a thin fabric that is made to cling to your body, then you might want to avoid these knickers and just go for some normal lingerie.

The knickers are available in both black and bare or skin color and are available for around $ 40.

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For all you to-be moms whose cleavages might be the cause of the problem because they have suddenly gone up to a G Cup Bra, you might want to consider buying a Winkee.This is basically a bra that might look like it has a thong glued on it; but, no, that is not the case! It just has a piece of fabric that has been attached across the bra, so that your cleavage doesn’t show in that gorgeous top that you bought last week.

This is the perfect piece of adult maternity lingerie as most to be moms have a little trouble wearing those gorgeous dresses in the boardroom or at work. Besides, you could also detach the fabric when you are done, and its time to go bodacious. The fabric is basically attached to the strap of the bra, and is available in various designs and colors. Check out the Winkee website for this convenient piece of adult maternity lingerie.

Besides, you could also be using this, if you are not pregnant. Winkee provides for a much needed relief from all those uncomfortable vests and cami tops. Moreover, it is not very expensive either. You could buy a Winkee on the site for anything between $ 6 and $ 20.

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Tennis knickers are definitely a must have when you are out to play tennis. They come in various sexy styles and pattern, the variety being so much that it becomes hard to choose. Well, if you are confused as to what to buy, then, check out this pair of cute knickers from the latest collection of vintage silky. The knickers are made from polyester and are very comfortable to wear while you are playing tennis. They are full depth knickers and come in a sea green or white color. They have elastic waisttennis knickerss as well as an elastic trims at the bottoms.  They are short and are sure to go with a white t-shirt and a cool pair of sneakers. With summer in the air and the scorching heat coming along, it is certainly the time to go out and play tennis. These are the ultimate tennis knickers for the season and it is definitely something that you must have in your closet. They are available to you in sizes ranging from S to XL and are suitable for women of almost all ages. These tennis knickers are priced reasonably and can be yours for just £18.00. So, next time you think of playing tennis, make sure that you have these knickers with you. more Lingerie info

If you are fond of frilly knickers, then here is the ultimate pair of sexy knickers. The knickers have been designed by Kiki de Montparnasse. The knickers will definitely give the ultimate intimate and passionate look. Besides being really sexy they are also sophisticated in a way.

The hot pink frilly knickers are sweet stunning and extremely playful. In fact, the whole of Kiki’s spring summer collection features a lot of hot pifrilly knickersnk.

The knickers are a best example of how frills can make you look so sexy. The frilly knickers are called the “Amour Peek a Boo panties” in the collection are cute yet very very naughty! The frilly knickers are made of chiffon and feature a split opening that runs from the back to the front. Perfect for seductive evening!

With the frilly knickers, you could also buy a frilly pin up bra. The set looks gorgeous and the ruffles that the frills create provide for the ultimate flirtatious look. The pin up bra has an under wire that has been provided to highlight your busts.

You could buy the frilly knickers for $ 125 while the whole set would cost you around $ 200. So go ahead and buy the set for the naughty evening you have been fantasizing forever!

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