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Sexy Wedding Lingerie

May 2nd, 2008, 15:36

By @ May 2nd, 2008, 15:36 in General

For your wedding night, you would want to look the sexiest, so that you can seduce your soul mate. However, to be a perfect seductress on the D-day, or rather, the D-night, you need to choose seductive wedding lingerie. There... more Lingerie info

Maternity slips are an important part of your maternity attire. They are to be worn under your maternity clothing so that your body is kept safe and secure. They come in different styles and fabrics and make you feel extremely comfortable. Generally, they are made in such a way that they stretch when your body keeps growing during the pregnancy process. All of them have adjustable straps and hits just above the knee. However, they come in a variety of sizes; short slips, half slips etc. They are perfectly suited to be worn under a dress, shirt or a skirt. You can even sleep in them if you feel like, as they are soft and light to wear. These slips are specially designed for pregnant women.

Check out this full slip from the latest collection of Vanity Fair. It has a total length of 24” and is made from an anti static, no cling fabric making it extremely comfortable to wear. It is equipped with adjustable straps so that you can fit it according to your liking. The slip is available to you in sizes ranging from S to XL and is definitely a must have during pregnancy. Take home this maternity slip for just $ 99 today.

more Lingerie info

Your wedding night calls for the ultimate and most sensuous lingerie possible. With the bride being wrapped in exquisite bridal lingerie, it is sure to allure the groom into an unforgettable and passionate evening. The perfect wedding lingerie is a... more Lingerie info

Having the proper lingerie for your wedding is very important as it comes only once in a life time and you want to make it as special as possible. A bridal lingerie set includes a two piece set and these... more Lingerie info

Here is something that is not only chic, but angelically gorgeous. You are bound to woo your man when you wear sensuous wedding night lingerie. This is a chemise from Simone Perele. The chemise is called the Paradis Ivory Chemise... more Lingerie info

Halter neck bridal gowns are quite popular today. Here is a range of UK wedding lingerie that you could choose from, to achieve the perfect look in your halter neck wedding gown. The star cup brassier – A star cup... more Lingerie info

For all you to-be moms whose cleavages might be the cause of the problem because they have suddenly gone up to a G Cup Bra, you might want to consider buying a Winkee.This is basically a bra that might look like it has a thong glued on it; but, no, that is not the case! It just has a piece of fabric that has been attached across the bra, so that your cleavage doesn’t show in that gorgeous top that you bought last week.

This is the perfect piece of adult maternity lingerie as most to be moms have a little trouble wearing those gorgeous dresses in the boardroom or at work. Besides, you could also detach the fabric when you are done, and its time to go bodacious. The fabric is basically attached to the strap of the bra, and is available in various designs and colors. Check out the Winkee website for this convenient piece of adult maternity lingerie.

Besides, you could also be using this, if you are not pregnant. Winkee provides for a much needed relief from all those uncomfortable vests and cami tops. Moreover, it is not very expensive either. You could buy a Winkee on the site for anything between $ 6 and $ 20.

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